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Escondido dentist, Dr. Jeffry Kerbs, treats the TMJ with C2O (Condylar Centering Orthotic). TMJ therapy done with C2O is a proven and predictable way to stabilize the TMJ or jaw joint. The C2O is an acrylic horseshoe-shaped splint worn daily and adjusted weekly to allow for full joint relaxation. C2O splint therapy is usually recommended due to symptoms indicating instability between the teeth and jaw joint.

Escondido TMJ Treatment

What are the signs and symptoms of an unstable bite/joint?

One or more of the following:

  • Headaches
  • Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Facial Muscle Pain and Tension
  • Earaches, Ear Pain, Ringing in the Ears
  • Tooth Wear, Broken Teeth, Gum Recession
  • Unexplained Tooth or Mouth Pain

Why does C2O therapy work?

The key to stabilizing the joint and relaxing the inflamed muscles is to keep the teeth apart and center the the TMJ into it’s more stable position. If this is not done the TMJ will worsen over time and continue to cause damage to the teeth and joints.

C2O therapy allows Dr. Kerbs to stabilize the joint as he makes calculated adjustments on the C2O splint every week. This allows the TMJ to move into a healthy position. In most cases, our patients see significant pain relief within the first weeks of wearing the C2O splint. C2O therapy is meant to eliminate pain and discomfort caused by a disorder of the TMJ and settle the jaw joints to a healthy position.

If you experience head and neck pain, jaw pain, headaches, facial pain, ear aches, ringing in the ears, or tooth pain please call our Escondido dental office today at 760-746-3663. Our very knowledgable patient coordinator, Sara, is able to answer all of your questions regarding our TMJ / TMD therapy and help you decide if Dr. Kerbs is the right fit to help you get relief from pain associated with the TMJ.

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